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Small Updates in the Kids’ Bedrooms

I thought I’d razzle dazzle you with some small updates in the kids’ bedrooms today.

Way to over sell it, huh?

While the big stuff for home renovation is fun to watch and blog about, I think it is the small, meaningful updates that really make a house feel like a home.

Yes, I really do believe this stuff I spout. Ha!

We’ve lived so many places where we couldn’t renovate or even paint. Home is definitely what we made of it in that moment  – from the memories that we made there to the small touches that made that house feel like us.

The kids’ bedrooms have always received priority when we move because I want them to feel safe, secure, and excited about their new surroundings.

So let’s talk about the recent small updates in the kids’ bedrooms.

First, my daughter has a new-to-her print hanging in her bedroom. It’s from the thrift store, of course.

Isn’t it the prettiest?

teen girl bedroom with vintage flare small updates in the kids' bedrooms

She also has new flannel sheets from Target and they are the coziest.

I have a set in a different pattern and can vouch for them! Even Handy Husband likes them and he generally doesn’t have any opinions about fabric.

The yellow throw blanket on her bed is one of the many things the kids fight over. It happened to be a finders  keepers situation in my daughter’s bedroom on the day I took this picture, so the blanket stayed for the photo.

I like how the mustard yellow of the throw ties in the yellow of the picture and in the sheets.

By the way, my daughter rearranged her bedroom recently, so that’s why the art is not centered above the bed any longer. If she’s like me at her age, she’ll rearrange the furniture again soon, so I’m just not going to lose sleep over where that art is hanging.

teen girl bedroom with vintage flare small updates in the kids' bedrooms

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, then you’ll know that in the last couple of months I’ve added some new items to the vintage game gallery wall in my son’s bedroom.

“Vintage game” is sort of a loose theme for this bedroom wall as there are some things that I have to twist myself into a pretzel to justify as fitting into that theme.

Good thing I’m flexible!

I added a Radio Flyer “sign” we made by cutting the side off of a rusty, broken Radio Flyer wagon. The wagon was another one of the items left here when we bought the Colonial Farmhouse. It was in bad shape a year ago. This year, something must have fell on it when we were redoing the Carriage House roof and there was no salvaging it – even for a planter.

I love the graphic punch of the Radio Flyer logo though.

I have fond memories of pulling my kids in a Radio Flyer wagon. Although, it was a plastic one, not metal because I didn’t want to burn their diapered tushes. I recall the kids kept jumping out, which meant it took 20 minutes just to get to the end of our driveway. By that time someone was hungry, someone else needed a diaper change, and we were missing a shoe.

So, never mind about those fond memories. I might have exaggerated.

vintage game gallery wall small updates in the kids' bedrooms

I also added two ping pong paddles to the wall that Handy Husband made in high school.

Um…out of respect for Handy Husband, I won’t tell you how many decades ago that was. I’d just like to point out for the record that I am younger than Handy Husband.

The ping pong paddles had survived all this time in near perfect condition. Unfortunately, they must have got wet at some point in the last year and the sand paper on the paddles (that gave them grip) started to mold!

Big, fuzzy mold. It was gross.

I saved them from ruin and, yes, I’m still patting myself on the back for that act of DIY heroism. Now they are hanging safe and sound on my son’s vintage game gallery wall.

In addition to the ping pong paddles, many of the things on this bedroom wall hold special meaning. Handy Husband’s dad made the Chinese checkerboard. My aunt painted the painting of my son and his friend. There are medals that my son won. A license plate fragment he found in Ireland.

It’s a fun wall that keeps evolving over time.

vintage game gallery wall small updates in the kids' bedrooms

These small updates in the kids’ bedrooms make me smile.

It makes me feel like we are settling in and really making this Colonial Farmhouse ours.

I know we’ve been here for close to a year and a half so we should feel settled. But is there really a timeline for these things? In Covid-time a year and a half is like five years, so time feels relative!

We enjoy the adventure of moving and have done so relatively frequently, so I don’t really remember the last time I felt settled or tied to one specific place. But I’m trying to adjust my mindset.

You never know that the future holds, but I’m pretty happy with the right now.

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