new art for our navy sunporch

New Art For Our Navy Sunporch

I finally found art for our navy sunporch.

Guess where I found it?

In our attic.


I could have saved myself two trips to my creepy attic if I had just moved this art from where it was originally hanging straight to the sunporch.

But, alas, I do not decorate this house the easy way. Instead, I take a circuitous route that is often filled with unfortunate mistakes but I usually end up with decorating that makes me happy.

This “new” art for our navy sunporch definitely makes me happy.

New Art For Our Navy Sunporch

This art print is very large and in charge.

The art itself is 2 ft x 4 ft. Add on the chunky frame and its dimensions are closer to 2.5 ft x 4.5 ft. If you want to know the truth, I actually bought it for the frame, not necessarily for the art. Shhh. That’s our secret.

I don’t remember exactly how much I paid, but I know it was less than $20 and I got it at a thrift store.

The print itself had a few scratches. I fixed those with some markers from my child’s pencil case. I felt comfortable letting my inner Monet out to play in this way because this was not a priceless artifact. I checked.

The print has also yellowed with time, so I don’t feel bad about subjecting it to the harsh sunlight on the sunporch. Perhaps it will fade back to the original color?

Nah. I don’t think it works that way.

New Art For Our Navy Sunporch

Our navy sunporch did not start out as navy.

It was decidedly uninspiring and very dirty.

This is how it looked on the day we took possession of the house. These belongings were left by the previous owner. I kept the pottery on the windowsill and the copper pitcher hanging from the ceiling. Everything else was donated.

Are you surprised I didn’t keep that bobblehead doll? Me too.

The only thing that has changed in this space is the paint.

The walls and ceiling are painted navy. The floor is painted black. Even the ceiling fan is the same – just painted.

I chose navy for the sunporch because if I’m going to decorate with a color it is usually blue.

The walls in the rest of our house are very neutral, so stepping into this navy sunporch is a delightful surprise. It’s like putting on your favorite pair of pants and finding a $10 bill in your pocket. It’s the best feeling!

Just as the paint has changed, how we use this navy sunporch continues to evolve too.

It started as a place to hang out. The sunporch is often the warmest spot in the house during the winter. It is south-facing and those windows really do create a little oven effect. On sunny days it is a warm and toasty place to enjoy lunch or work from our laptops.

In fact, the sunporch is warm enough on sunny days in the winter that we can use it to naturally heat the downstairs. We’ll open the doors connecting the sunporch to the rest of the house and we can raise the temperature in the adjacent spaces by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour. Not too shabby!

Last year I started using the sunporch to winter some plants and herbs that normally stay outside in the summer. Instead of heading south for the winter, my plants head for the south-facing sunporch. It’s almost the same.

New Art For Our Navy Sunporch

We do not have dedicated furniture for the navy sunporch.

The chairs in these pictures are ones we normally place on our deck during the summer. Instead of storing them in the garage, I can “store” them here and actually make use of them year-round. Pretty brilliant, right?

I keep thinking that rocking chairs would be fun to have out here and every once in a while I wonder if the ceiling would support a hanging swing. I haven’t moved forward with either idea though.

Maybe I just needed new art for our navy sunporch so that I could make up my mind about furniture?

I’m probably still somewhere on a circuitous decorating route, but I’m confident I’ll be happy with how this space turns out…whenever that is. Ha!

Do you have a creepy attic? Do you also shop your house for art and accessories? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post. I’m pretty sure Handy Husband fixed the comments so that it’s easier to leave one. Please try it so I know for sure! You can also email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for being here today. There are a lot of ways you could choose to spend your time and I’m glad reading this blog post was one of them. Here are some other blog posts you might enjoy. 

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