modern country laundry room in a colonial farmhouse with wainscoting stained glass horse art basket wall and inset wall shelves

In Praise Of: Unusual Stained Glass Art

Let’s talk unusual stained glass art. Normally, when I think of stained glass I think of church windows or sun catchers that people hang in their windows. It’s all pretty (Hello, colorful glass!) but not always my personal style.

There is probably a better word to use than unusual, but that’s the first word I thought of when I looked at the stained glass horse head I have that is unusually mounted onto felt and placed in a wood frame.

I couldn’t find anything online like this.

My horse is further unique in that it might be a combination of stained glass and painted glass but it’s hard for me to say. Either way, it’s unusually unique. Or uniquely unusual.

While looking for something similar to my stained glass art, I found other stained glass that was unique, sure, but also a bit unusual. Some of it was even practical, which sounded like an excellent way to justify a purchase.

All of it caught my eye for one reason or another. Check it out! 

Stained Glass in Shadowbox | Etsy

The framing for this one-of-a-kind and vintage stained glass art caught my eye. You don’t usually see this type of art in a shadow box.

I apologize if this is sold by the time you read this story.

stained glass in shadowbox from etsy store kbkipfer one of a kind

(image: KBKipfer via Etsy)

Stained Glass Bunting | Etsy

This stained glass bunting made my jaw drop.

How fun would this be to decorate with? Par-tay time!

colorful stained glass bunting from etsy store glass by can

(image: GlassByHan via Etsy)

Stained Glass Jar of Mayo | Etsy

Have you ever seen a stained glass jar of mayo? Have you ever wanted one? Feel free to confess. This is a safe space.

If you can dream it, someone probably makes it.

stained glass jar of mayo by etsy store LoRunCreations

(image: LoRunCreations via Etsy)

P.S. If mayo isn’t your thing, this shop has other stained glass food creations.

Stained Glass Tabletop Flower | Etsy

I love the idea of tabletop stained glass creations because I’m not so much into the sun catchers that hang in windows.

This lily is so pretty.

stained glass tabletop flower from etsy shop VitrageArtSouvenirs

(image: VitrageArtSouvenirs via Etsy)

Stained Glass Plant Propagator | Etsy

Where are my plant people at? This one is for you.

A plant propagator but make it fancy with stained glass. Isn’t this fun?

stained glass plant propagator from etsy store monarchtradingco

(image: MonarchTradingCo | Etsy)

Stained Glass Flowers in Frame | Etsy)

This framed piece was also a one-of-a-kind thing. I haven’t seen stained or painted glass framed quite this way.

stained glass flowers in oval frame rare find from etsy shop beneaththeneonsky

(image: beneaththeneonsky via Etsy)

Tabletop Stained Glass with Wood Base | Etsy

Another vintage find. I love how this one combines stained glass window details with the tabletop framing. Maybe it came out of a door?

stained glass tabletop with wood base from etsy shop archipel32

(image: archipel32 via Etsy)

Stained Glass Honeycomb Bookends | Etsy

Who enjoys mid century modern style or honeybees? This one is for you!

I thought these honeycomb bookends were so, so pretty. I didn’t see anything else quite like them in any other shop. If you like this concept, this shop has more in this vein.

stained glass honeycomb bookends via etsy shop BrytweetCollective

(image: BrytweetCollective via Etsy)

What do you think about these unusual stained glass art finds? Are they what you expected? Did you like the practical aspect of a couple of them?

Please leave a comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Decorating!

P.S. I included only Etsy today because that’s where most of the stained glass art online can be found. Plus, it is great to support small shops.

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