• cross stitch american flag on a grain sifter 4th of july wreath
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    Cross-Stitch American Flag On a Grain Sifter

    What happens when you combine cross-stitch, an American flag, and an antique grain sifter? Pure Americana magic. Or, in less flowery terms, you get a cross-stitch American flag on a grain sifter. I’ve always been intrigued by the grid pattern of grain sifters. It lends itself well to all sorts of crafty endeavors, but particularly cross-stitch. Cross-stitch in its most rudimentary sense is a series of x-shaped hand stitches. I won’t even pretend to know much more about cross-stitch beyond that completely lacking description. I do consider it to be an art form and skill that I am continually impressed by when I see what folks have created. If you…

  • embroidered easter egg napkin
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    Easter Egg Embroidered Napkins

    Here’s a relatively quick and customizable Easter craft for you – Easter Egg Embroidered Napkins. This is a fun way of adding some Easter flair to otherwise plain cloth napkins. Please note that I casually threw out the words ‘relatively quick’ when describing this project. Some of you have never touched embroidery thread. Some of you are probably hand-stitching pros and could do this project with your eyes closed. (If you can actually do this with your eyes closed, will you make a video for me?) On the embroidery spectrum, I’m a little closer to “never touched embroidery thread” than I am to being a professional. With my limited skills,…

  • diu no sew privacy liner for woven shades
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    No Sew DIY Privacy Liner for Woven Shades

    Today I’m going to show you how to make a No Sew Privacy Liner for Woven Shades. If I can do this – a gal who doesn’t own a sewing machine – you can do this! I’m defining ‘no sew’ as not using a sewing machine. My DIY does include a needle and thread. If you are really opposed to that, I have an alternative that is truly no-sew. It gets the job done. However, in my experience, it is more expensive, doesn’t look as good, and it won’t last as long. Yep! I tried ALL the techniques I could think of in my desperation the process of figuring out this No Sew Privacy…

  • decorating with thimbles

    Decorating with Thimbles in a Modern Way

    My mother, who sewed her own wedding dress, is getting a laugh from heaven today. Can you hear it? Despite all of her attempts (and there were many) to teach me any type of sewing because it would be a handy skill to master, I never really took to it. I still have dang it had a stubborn streak and very little patience for detail-oriented work. I definitely have not had the need to pick up a thimble in my adult life, but there’s still time. Therefore, the fact that I’m writing about decorating with thimbles today would be a wee bit laughable to her. The moral of this story? Mom is…

  • fix waistband gap with elastic
    clothing and jewelry

    Closing Waistband Gap on Jeans with Elastic

    Much as we hate to admit it, grandmas are usually right about a lot of different topics. Polyester pants with an elastic waistband? They might not be attractive, but they didn’t wrinkle. I’m willing to bet they were comfortable too and you didn’t ever see Grandma adjusting her pants because the waistband wasn’t fitting correctly, did you? No, you didn’t. If you saw Grandma’s drawers it was because she was drying them outside on the line and not because she bent over and flashed everyone in aisle 12 of Target. Her kids probably never whisper-yelled loud enough for the entire store to hear, “MOM! I can see your UNDERWEARS!” Her…

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    Fresh Take On A Rattan Swivel Chair

    I’m sure like many people, I lay in bed at night and scroll through Facebook Marketplace searching for unique finds, diamonds-in-the-rough, pieces with potential and other such items. Wait. You guys do this too, right?! Never mind. Let me have this moment. I do this Facebook Marketplace scrolling late at night because I don’t want to be tempted to jump in my car right that second to go retrieve an item I don’t need. I also like to overthink my purchases and this tactic enables that behavior. Wait. You guys overthink your purchases too, right?!?! Never mind. Of course you do. One night as I was scrolling I saw this…