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    DIY Wood and Brass Hearts for Valentine’s Day

    I have a lovely DIY to share with you today – wood and brass hearts! They are perfect when you’re looking for a subtle touch when it comes to Valentine’s Day decor. Although, when it comes to the actual Valentine’s Day and every day, really, don’t be subtle when telling your valentine they are loved. Life is too short! Here’s how to make these wood and brass hearts.  Step 1: Unless you want to freehand it, print out a paper heart template. We used a 2-inch and a 3-inch heart. Step 2: Trace your heart shape on a piece of wood and carefully cut the heart out using a jigsaw.…

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    DIY Rustic Wood Hearts

    I’m titling this post “DIY Rustic Wood Hearts” because it’s really hard to DIY perfect wood hearts by hand. At least it is for this girl! Rustic sounds so much more purposeful than almost any other descriptive adjective I could use. I was in the mood to create something as a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day without throwing up red and pink glittered hearts all over my house. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I don’t do cutesy decor very well. I love looking at those playful, festive decor pictures online, but that style doesn’t translate well in real life for me. So how could I create something for Valentine’s Day that suits my…

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    DIY Wooden Heart Magnets

    Since February is LOVE month, I decided it was high time I showcased a sentimental DIY that I’ve been using most of my life – DIY Wooden Heart Magnets. You know I love magnets. I use them anywhere except on my refrigerator. Weird, I know. I just really like an uncluttered refrigerator door. Open the fridge up and all bets are off though! I’ve made matchbox car magnets, Santa belt magnets and souvenir penny magnets. I come about this magnet love naturally because my mom is the one who DIY’d these wooden heart magnets. I’m guessing 30 years ago? Yes, they’ve lasted THAT long. She made these magnets and other…