christmas mantel with copper accents

Christmas Mantel with Copper Accents

Another day and a new Christmas mantel to show you! One old house perk is having multiple fireplaces to decorate for the holidays. Today’s Christmas mantel with copper accents is in our primary bedroom.

It feels so indulgent having a bedroom with a fireplace, even a non-working fireplace like this one.

christmas mantel with copper accents copper christmas tree

It especially feels indulgent having this bedroom fireplace knowing that I’m not reliant on it to heat this part of the house.

Although, I do think about the 100 plus years where someone had to shlep firewood up and down the stairs to fuel this fireplace.

Can you imagine all the dirt that would track in? I’m sure putting up with a little dirt was acceptable when the alternative was freezing to death during a New Jersey winter.

Perspective, am I right?

christmas mantel with copper accents splitting wedge stocking holder

The copper accents on this Christmas mantel were made last year by yours truly. I love it when I create something I like enough to reuse again and again.

The Copper Christmas Trees were made using copper flashing and safety cones! Yes, safety cones. Not the traffic ones, the sports ones.

If you’ve ever stood on the sidelines of a youth sporting event freezing your fanny off at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, then you are probably familiar with the safety cones used in all child sports. Not that it ever helped my kids stay on the field.

They were just there for the snacks.

christmas mantel with copper accents copper christmas tree

The copper bird on the wreath was also cut out of the flashing.

I used a whole bunch of these copper birds on my Christmas tree last year as ornaments.

I’m so glad we had a roll of the flashing left over from a house project because it was fun to work with. So much fun that I used up the entire roll. Oops.

christmas mantel with copper accents

Perhaps what I’m most tickled about on this Christmas mantel with copper accents is the stocking holder.

Did you notice it?

It’s an old, rusty splitting wedge I found stuck in a stump on our property. I always thought it looked like a Christmas tree due to its diamond shape. In fact, last year I used it in a grouping with some ceramic trees.

This year, however, I realized it is heavy enough to act as a stocking holder. It’s probably heavier than most stocking holders, actually. As long as it doesn’t drop on anyone’s foot all will be calm. All will be bright.

christmas mantel with copper accents splitting wedge stocking holder

The last thing I’ll mention regarding this Christmas mantel with copper accents is the faux wreath.

It’s the most expensive wreath I own. It might be the most expensive thing I own, actually.

I bought it at the thrift store. It was mushed up something awful and covered in ribbon and faux poinsettias. There was a random snowflake ornament attached to it. Perhaps the wreath’s most redeeming quality was that it had a strand of working Christmas lights attached to it.

The bottom line is it was a screaming good deal.

Except on the way home from the thrift store with my precious new-to-me wreath, I hit a deer with my car, which caused thousands of dollars of damage. At the time I’m publishing this post, I still don’t have my car back from the auto body shop.

But I have that wreath and it’s looking mighty fine!


christmas mantel with copper accents

I joke about a great many things on this blog, but I truly am happy to be here writing about light-hearted home stuff.

But I’m most happy to have another year celebrating Christmas with this little family of mine.

Stuff can be replaced. People not so much.

It all comes back to that perspective.

And I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

The items in these photos that aren’t thrifted include:

White Sweater Stockings (similar)

Copper Flashing

Safety Cones (Linking to 9-inch cones, but I used larger ones and cut them down.)

Flameless Fireplace Candles (battery powered with remote)

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Thank you for sharing part of your day with me! I hope you leave here today with an idea or a smile. Or both! If you’d like another post to read, I’ve got you covered. Try one of these:

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