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In Praise of Wood Trinket Boxes

When I was a kid, a family friend gifted me a personalized wood trinket box.

They built it themselves and it had my name on it!

My uncommon name.

As a kid whose name never appeared on any of the pins or magnets at the touristy gift shops, I relished the idea of having something with my name on it.

I felt so special…and normal.

This wood trinket box has been a secret keeper and a memory holder through all the phases of my life: teenage angst, falling in love, getting married, and so on.

in praise of wood trinket boxes personalized wood trinket box

What sorts of things have this wood trinket box held over the years?

When I was a kid it probably held all of my most prized possessions, which I now would refer to as junk.

At one point it held love letters and movie ticket stubs.

Today, it doesn’t hold anything super interesting – just old watches I can’t part with.

in praise of wood trinket boxes wood trinket box for home decor

There’s something about a trinket box made out of a lasting material like wood that makes it special and something you want to keep.

Here are some wood trinket boxes I found on Etsy that I thought were pretty and practical.

They would make great gifts.

I like the marketing angle of this reclaimed wood trinket box.

With the trinket box, the maker includes a picture of the 150-year-old barn in Pennsylvania where the wood came from.

reclaimed wood trinket box PaulsSpecialties on Etsy

(image: Paul’s Specialties via Etsy)

If you had reclaimed wood from a place of sentimental value, it would be so special to make or have made trinket boxes using that wood for yourself or for members of your family.

I’m partial to personalization when it comes to wood trinket boxes. Perhaps this is because I think it means you’re more inclined to keep it. Ha!

This Etsy seller can engrave initials on the top of their wood trinket boxes and also add a gold plate with a message inside the box.

engraved wood trinket box by JMlabonneimpression via etsy

(image: JMlabonneImpression via Etsy)

How about a round wood trinket box? Can we still call it a box? Maybe a container?

Whatever you call it, I like it.

round wood trinket box Dust and Things via Etsy

(image: DustandThings via Etsy)

This antique-style wood trinket box reminds me of something I’d find at my grandma’s house.

I love how refined it looks with that latch.

antique style wood trinket box Swagstr via Etsy

(image: Swagstr via Etsy)

This trinket box with a wood inlay is smaller than the others I’ve shared in this post, but look how pretty it is!

I love how the top slides open too.

inlaid wood trinket box heartwood boxes via etsy

(image: Heartwoodboxes via Etsy)

This wood trinket box with metal corner wraps is different from the others that I’ve seen online.

Plus, it comes with a lock and key. My youngest child would think that a locking box was the best thing ever.

wood trinket box with metal corners pongsart via etsy

(image: Pongsart via Etsy)

I did not include any vintage wood trinket boxes on this list, but I saw them all over Etsy. Of course, I loved the vintage boxes the most because they seemed more ornate than the ones on this list.

All in all, I don’t think there’s a wood trinket box I’ve encountered that hasn’t made me happy, but I am partial to the one I own. The sentimental factor is strong with that one! Plus, the design is pretty great too. I didn’t find any like it online.

Do you enjoy wood trinket boxes or any sort of trinket box as much as I do?

If so, I’d love to see a picture of it! You find us on Instagram or Facebook or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

Thank you so much for spending part of your day here! I hope you had fun. If you’d like something else to read, I have a post for you!

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