use a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter

Use a Cake Stand to Corral Bathroom Counter Clutter

Cake stands aren’t just for cake! Did you know you can use a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter?

Many folks corral bathroom counter clutter using a basket or a tray, but a cake stand literally elevates this organizational issue.

There are two reasons why I use a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter.

First, cake stands are pretty! Simple as that.

Second, using an elevated cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter means you get additional storage space without sacrificing counter space.

cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter

If you’ve ever had a small bathroom then you know the struggle of trying to get ready in the morning, but not having enough counter space to set your straightener, curling iron, hairdryer, or any other tools and products you’re using to get yourself ready to face the day.

This particular bathroom vanity does not have drawers, so I am more reliant on counter storage for regularly used basics like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Mostly, this cake stand corrals the items the boys in this house use. I’m proud to say they do a pretty good job of returning their items to the cake stand.

I have a basket that holds my makeup, makeup brushes, toothbrush, etc. that I tuck away in the bathroom closet when I’m done getting ready in the morning.

cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter

I’m sure the skeptic in you is thinking, “Sure, a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter is a fantastic idea, but are those the actual items she stores on that cake stand?”

Thank you for the compliment and the question. Here’s the scoop.

For the sake of your eyeballs, I did not take pictures of their actual used toothbrushes stamped with our dentist’s name and phone number. Used toothbrushes are gross and I do not need that kind of negative energy living on my blog and Pinterest until the end of time.

I bought new toothbrushes that coordinated with my color theme for these photos. You’re welcome.

However, the boys do store their toothbrushes in that ceramic bud vase because I like it better than toothbrush holders.

I also decanted the mouthwash into a glass bottle because the label on the generic brand of Target mouthwash leaves something to be desired. I should have done this eons ago!

We ended up keeping the mouthwash in the glass bottle because it looks awesome. Plus, my 11-year-old told me it looks like a Fortnite potion, so I earned some cool mom points for that.

We DO use that toothpaste. Have you tried the Hello brand of toothpaste yet? This version with the green lettering is THE BEST toothpaste I’ve ever used.

It will make your teeth feel like they’ve just been polished at the dentist’s office. Plus, the minty flavor tastes real because it uses actual mint. Furthermore, I haven’t had a cavity since using it, so there must be something to it. (Or my brushing habits have improved.)

For the last bit of disclosure, I do not keep a snake plant in the bathroom. That would probably be too much moisture for it. I just needed something green and a little bit tall to round out the photo.

cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter

Well, what do you think of using a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter?

Brilliant? Or do you stand by the notion that cake stands are only for cake?

In fairness, I’d rather have a cake stand with cake on it, but this is the next best thing, in my opinion.

Happy organizing!

P.S. Do you have any bathroom organization hacks? I’d love to hear about them. You can email me┬áhere or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

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