how to diy wood-burned easter eggs
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DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

Here’s something you never knew you needed to make until now: Wood-Burned Easter Eggs.

They are fun to make, will last forever, and you can even use them as place cards at your Easter table.

how to DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

I’m a wood-burning novice.

Seriously, these wood-burned Easter eggs are my second wood-burning project ever.

If I can try something new, so can you.

All you need are wood eggs, a wood-burning kit, and your imagination.

I like these 2 1/2-inch wood eggs from Amazon because they are a good natural egg size and don’t have a flat bottom. If you want your eggs to stand up on end, then you need to order eggs that have one flat end.

I also ordered this wood-burning kit that came with 21 different tips in all sorts of shapes. It came with a manual that I read before diving in. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch for wood-burning tips too.

how to DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

In full disclosure, one of my wood eggs was sacrificed in the name of learning.

There is no undo button in wood burning. You’ll either love that or hate that about this hobby.

I ended up using this sacrificial egg to try out all the different wood-burning tips to see how they worked, especially on the curved surface of the wood egg.

how to DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

These particular wood eggs are made out of Baltic Birchwood. They come sanded, but unfinished.

If and how you want to finish the eggs, is up to you!

When I was done with the wood-burning, I stained the eggs using two coats of Minwax Special Walnut stain. To give the eggs a bit of shine, I rubbed two coats of Minwax Antique Oil Finish on them.

If you want the eggs to have some shine to them, but don’t want to use an oil finish then I’d recommend clear spray paint. It will be much easier to apply than trying to brush on polyurethane. Trust me. I learned this the hard way a few years ago.

Along the way, I realized the Wood-Burned Easter Eggs could be used as place cards for our Easter table.

I wish we were having a bigger Easter gathering, but it’s just the four of us this year. So, I made a personalized egg for each member of our family. I thought these would be fun to use year after year as table decorations.

how to DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

These wood-burned Easter Eggs are far from perfect. Still learning over here!

However, those imperfections don’t negate how pretty they are and how fun and unique they’ll look sitting in a basket or bowl on our coffee table.

It will take a lot of practice before I become proficient at wood-burning, but I enjoyed making these Wood-Burned Easter Eggs.

I discovered wood-burning is one of those soothing crafts with a side dose of instant gratification. I can see why people get into it! If you haven’t tried it yet, maybe my experience will encourage you to give it a whirl.

Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!

If you make Wood-Burned Easter Eggs or try any wood-burning project, I’d love to see what you create. It’s so inspiring! You can email me here. You can also reach out via Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for being here today! I appreciate it more than you know. If you enjoy making Easter crafts as I do, here are some other blog posts filled with Easter ideas.

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