• how to diy wood-burned easter eggs
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    DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

    Here’s something you never knew you needed to make until now: Wood-Burned Easter Eggs. They are fun to make, will last forever, and you can even use them as place cards at your Easter table. I’m a wood-burning novice. Seriously, these wood-burned Easter eggs are my second wood-burning project ever. If I can try something new, so can you. All you need are wood eggs, a wood-burning kit, and your imagination. I like these 2 1/2-inch wood eggs from Amazon because they are a good natural egg size and don’t have a flat bottom. If you want your eggs to stand up on end, then you need to order eggs…

  • embroidered easter egg napkin
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    Easter Egg Embroidered Napkins

    Here’s a relatively quick and customizable Easter craft for you – Easter Egg Embroidered Napkins. This is a fun way of adding some Easter flair to otherwise plain cloth napkins. Please note that I casually threw out the words ‘relatively quick’ when describing this project. Some of you have never touched embroidery thread. Some of you are probably hand-stitching pros and could do this project with your eyes closed. (If you can actually do this with your eyes closed, will you make a video for me?) On the embroidery spectrum, I’m a little closer to “never touched embroidery thread” than I am to being a professional. With my limited skills,…

  • watercolor wood eggs
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    Watercolor Wood Easter Eggs

    Did you like dyeing Easter Eggs as a kid? I sure did! I’ve come up with the adult version of this in the form of Watercolor Wood Easter Eggs and the best part is they won’t turn rotten will last for years to come. Get ready to channel your inner artistic kid because this Easter craft is so satisfying!   Best of all, there’s no right or wrong for making Watercolor Wood Easter Eggs. You want to mix colors? Do it. You want to super saturate the colors? Do it. You want to make a huge mess while coloring eggs? Do it…BUT! You’re going to have to clean that up yourself because your mama isn’t going to…

  • Grain Sifter Easter Bunny Wreath
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    Grain Sifter Easter Bunny Wreath

    Whimsical is not an adjective I would use to describe myself or my decorating style. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot with this Grain Sifter Easter Bunny Wreath. I figured isolating at home during a pandemic would be a good time to give whimsical a whirl. I’ve got to say, I can see the allure. This isolation creation is brought to you by items I already had on hand: a metal grain sifter, embroidery thread, hot glue, pale pink ribbon and plastic Easter eggs. I had the grain sifter because I dug it out of a dumpster when we lived in Ireland. By the way, a dumpster is called a…

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    Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

    Easter egg hunts aren’t just for little kids. No, really! Hear me out and I think you’ll agree that an Easter Egg Hunt for adults is a fabulous idea. My mom and dad used to organize an Easter Egg Hunt for us “older” kids who ranged in age from late teens to late-20s. How do you get teens and 20-somethings (or even the “29 forever” folks) to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt? Oh, you up the ante. That’s how. My mom put money in the eggs. Cold. hard. cash. I don’t remember how many eggs she hid, but there was at least one egg that had a $20 bill.…

  • marbled faux easter eggs on the happy list
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    Marbled Faux Easter Eggs

    Have you ever jumped off something high and the instant you jumped you regretted your decision? Sticking the landing might be the best outcome, but who are we kidding? You’re just trying not to go splat. That’s me and this marbled faux Easter egg project. And also me when I jump off anything. Which is why I don’t jump off anything. I started this project because I wanted to create a marbled paint effect on something. Anything. I had some fake Easter eggs sitting in the closet mocking me while I tried to come up with a way to decorate them, so I thought, “Why not try marbling those Easter eggs?”…

  • sheet music easter egg
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    Sheet Music Easter Eggs

    Confession time. Things don’t feel very Easter-y around here. It’s not a holiday I typically decorate for and with our recent snowstorms, it hasn’t quite felt like spring around these parts. So I decided I would craft myself into a spring mood. Nothing says spring rebirth like styrofoam eggs, so that’s what I started with. My first attempt at decorating my fake eggs was a major flop. It’s also a reminder of why I try to avoid Pinterest. My second attempt was much more successful. I made Sheet Music Easter Eggs, which I’m not sure are actually spring-looking, but they are more my style. Making Sheet Music Easter Eggs is…