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    We’ve Added A Lot of Closet Shelves and So Should You

    We’ve added a lot of closet shelves to our Colonial Farmhouse in the last two and a half years. In fact, we’ve added a significant number of shelves everywhere in this old house. It has been AMAZING. Zero regrets.¬†Does anyone ever regret adding a shelf? Now here is a fair warning. Today’s post is going to contain many shelfies. If you don’t like closet shelves or pictures of shelves or thinking about shelves, this is not the post for you. Oh, and these aren’t Pinterest-worthy shelfies either. These are closet shelves and regular shelves that make my life function better. Or give me the illusion that my life functions better.…

  • under the stairs closet shelves
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    Under the Stairs Closet Shelves

    We now have under the stairs closet shelves and I’m pretty darn happy about it. I’m also happy about “Clean Sheet Day,” a fresh jar of peanut butter, and no-show socks that don’t slip off my heel. I guess I’m an adult now. We have an under the stairs closet in our music room. When we moved into the Colonial Farmhouse, I found three fur coats hanging in this closet. So fancy…if moth hole chic is your sort of thing. That area looked like this when we moved in:  Sorry. I forgot to warn you that picture was going to be a little harsh on the eyes. As a reminder, that wasn’t our stuff. It was all…

  • back porch shelves for drink storage
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    Back Porch Shelves for Drink Storage

    Some folks build shelves for important things like books. We build shelves for equally important things like drink storage. Reading is important, but have you ever been dehydrated? I rest my case. After living in our home for a year we had a pretty good idea of its problem areas. No, I’m not talking about the leaky roof, the rotting deck, or the oven that randomly switches the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Do NOT get me sidetracked on the oven that is messing with me. We’ll be here all day. Today’s problem area was the back porch where we stored all of our canned and bottled drinks. Wait.…

  • Built In Hallway Shelves
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    Built In Hallway Shelves

    Let’s talk hallway shelves today because they can be a game changer! We have a weird space between our kitchen and main bathroom that is bigger than a hallway, but not quite a room. For the purpose of this post I’m going to call it a hallway because calling it “that weird space” just seems, well, weird. And, honestly, it doesn’t really narrow it down because there are plenty of weird spaces in our home. Here’s how that hallway looked on the day we took possession of the Colonial Farmhouse in June 2019. In case you are wondering, that is not our stuff in the bathroom. The seller left it…