how to transition a holiday wreath to a winter wreath

How To Transition A Holiday Wreath To A Winter Wreath

Have you ever transitioned your holiday wreath to a winter wreath for the months of January and February?

By transition, I don’t mean leaving the holiday wreath in all of its festive splendor up. Ha!

Although, if that makes you happy, you do you!

This year after the holidays I wasn’t quite ready to take down all of my holiday greenery, especially my wreath over the dining room fireplace.

This was how the dining room fireplace was decorated for the month of December. There were wreaths with pinecones and red berries, mini trees on the hearth, and Christmas stockings hung with a discreetly placed nail care.

christmas mantel with three wreaths in a colonial era house

When it was time to take the Christmas decor down, I found I wasn’t as ready as usual for a clean slate. Or maybe I was craving the color green in the dead of winter. Or maybe I was dreading playing the Tetris game of trying to fit all the Christmas decor back into the storage boxes. It never goes back easily!

Whatever the reason, I decided to try and transition the center wreath over the fireplace from a holiday-themed wreath to a winter wreath.

Usually, I skip straight from Christmas decor to filling the house with tulips, so this was a big change for me. I hardly recognize this new me. Ha!

Here’s how the fireplace and my winter wreath look now.

How To Transition A Holiday Wreath To A Winter Wreath. winter wreath with pinecones and lamb's ear.

It’s a good thing this transition was not hard because I likely would not have done it.

All I did was remove the faux red berries from the wreath and add in the faux lamb’s ear. To finish it off, I stuck a bird on it.

I already owned the painted bird. I did buy the faux lamb’s ear from the craft store when it was 70% off after Christmas.

Instead of buying floral picks, I bought a garland and cut it into pieces, essentially making my own floral picks. I find I get more leaves or flowers that way.

How To Transition A Holiday Wreath To A Winter Wreath. winter wreath with pinecones and lamb's ear.

If you want to transition a holiday wreath to a winter wreath, then I’m first going to assume you’re using a faux wreath base of some sort.

Step one is to remove any part of the wreath that gives off holiday vibes with its color or shape.

Step two is to add back in greenery that adds texture and interest but doesn’t lean too hard in any particular seasonal direction. Avoid glittery items and spring flowers.

Step three is to add embellishments if it strikes your fancy. I added a bird to my wreath, but you could add ribbon or a winter placard.

Step four is the most important one. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! You could even write a blog post about it if you want.

How To Transition A Holiday Wreath To A Winter Wreath. winter wreath with pinecones and lamb's ear.

Listen. January can be a rough month for some of us. It’s cold, dark, dreary, and can seem interminably long.

We have to find our joy wherever we can. It’s the little things like making the house feel cozy and transitioning a holiday wreath to a winter wreath that make me happy in January!

Oh, and the prospect of spring coming in two or three months. I do love spring. And tulips. Don’t be surprised if those show up in my house soon.

Have you ever transitioned your holiday wreath or greenery to a winter theme? Or do you skip straight to buying the tulips like I usually do? I’d love to know! You can always comment on this blog post, email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

If making wreaths is not your thing, I found a few winter wreath ideas on Etsy that you might like. 

Snow WreathShe Shed Cre8tions

This wreath made me laugh!

she shed cre8tions via etsy let it snow somewhere else winter wreath

(image: She Shed Cre8tions via Etsy)

Eucalyptus Winter Wreath | LBwreathdesigns

This reminded me of the wreath I made, just fancier.

eucalyptus winter wreath lbwreathdesigns via etsy

(image: LBwreathdesigns via Etsy)

Winter Wreath | Burlap and Honeysuckle

This wreath went all in with the embellishments – ribbon and a placard.

winter wreath winter joy from burlap and honeysuckle via etsy

(image: Burlap and Honeysuckle via Etsy)

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