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Happy List: #40


It’s OFFICIALLY autumn, can you believe it?

I’m trying to use the word autumn more because if I say ‘Fall’ in reference to the season, the Irish have no clue what I’m talking about. Or maybe they do and they’re just messing with me?

Guess I won’t put up my ‘Happy Fall Y’all’ sign on my front door. Kidding. I don’t actually have one, which is odd considering I lived in the South for a few years.

Before this post goes completely sideways, here’s what’s on my Happy List this week.


I thought this was a totally doable DIY Halloween costume idea from All Things Thrifty!


The art above the bed in Layla’s master bedroom made me stop and go ‘OOHH.’

She has a very calm, neutral bedroom and the green painting is an unexpected and lovely pop of color. I wouldn’t have thought to consider this painting for this room, so I love being surprised.



In 2011, two sisters age 10 and 11 were given a $25 science kit for making bath bombs. 6 years later, they are selling 500,000 bath bombs a month and they are still in high school.

HOLY SMOKES! This is such an awesome story!

Read all the details about how they got started and how they manage the company now on Time.

Image: Via Courtesy of DaBomb Fizzers Caroline (left) and Isabelle (right) Bercaw, co-founders of DaBomb Fizzers 


This is the cutest pencil holder! I could find a spot for it in my office.

I’m not sure my kids have ever seen a real typewriter! Ha!


I’m mad at my Oregon peeps. I was in the state FOR A MONTH and no one told me about the DIY Bar in Portland. It’s a place where you can DIY crafty things and have an adult beverage.

That’s like heaven on earth, people! How could you let me down?!?!

You can make string art, a leather clutch, concrete coasters, jewelry and more. I’d really like to give string art a go one of these days.

Each project costs $39 and I think you get a drink with it. I didn’t read all the FAQs. I can’t do ALL the work here, people.

For more images like these and all the DIY Bar details, click here.


This idea speaks to me. My painting tools are stored in a tub and it’s kind of a drag to dig through it for what I need. Woe is me, I know!

The directions for this organization project can be found at Polished Habitat.



I love a good brick accent wall.

Although, it’s probably a pain in the behind to hang things on a brick wall. But, hey, these people got around that little problem by using a ladder. Clever.

Image by Jessica Klewicki Glynn via


I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve been doing a REALLY good job at keeping my plants alive. They might not be ‘healthy,’ but they are still alive. Go me!

If I had these carved wood planters from World Market, I might actually take my plants out of the plastic planters they came in and repot (replant?) them appropriately. Aren’t they pretty?


I made this recipe for One Pot Chicken Gnocchi Soup from iHeartNapTime this week. It was pure, rainy day comfort food. I haven’t cooked a lot with gnocchi before, but now I’m trying to use it in ALL the recipes! It was such an unexpected, delightful surprise in this soup.

I substituted the spinach for a grated zucchini and it was delicious. My kids (and Handy Husband) really have no idea how much zucchini they eat. *insert evil laugh here*


Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, I hope you have the best time. Happy Friday!



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Happy List: #39

Hello again!

Our mornings have turned a wee bit cool and it’s definitely starting to feel like fall has arrived. Although, I say that kind of tongue-in-cheek because Ireland is always a wee bit cool – even in the summer.

On Monday I shared more about life in Ireland as it relates to ER visits. Thank you for your warm wishes. My daughter is doing much better.

Wednesday was all about pumpkins and denim. If you missed the braided denim pumpkin, go back and read all about it! I’ll wait.

Here’s what is on the Happy List this week. I try to view these things through the filter of “I appreciate it from a creative standpoint” and not through the filter of “I want that, why don’t I have that.” It makes the Internet and social media so much more enjoyable to consume!


What caught my eye was not the ‘deconstructed fall centerpiece’ House Beautiful was showcasing, but that Bus Stop sign in the background.

Have you ever seen anything like that? I think it’s pretty cool. Definitely unique.



Here’s a list of train rides showcasing beautiful fall foliage in the U.S.

Don’t worry, they aren’t all in New England. Although, that part of the country is GORGEOUS in the fall. If you decide to take the one in Hood River, Oregon, check before you go. I’m not sure how the wildfires in the area have impacted fall foliage.



I made this last week. It was even better the second day.

Recipe can be found here.



If I had a Cricut or Silhouette or one of those other personal cutting machines, I’d be all OVER this craft.

If you don’t have one either, but like this spooky sign, you can print out the free image and frame it!

Directions and the free printable are at Eighteen25.



Jelly soaps? Soap that is the same consistency as a gummy bear?

I did not know this was a thing. My kids would FREAK OUT (in a good way) about these soaps.

Directions to make your own are over at Happiness is Homemade.


Russian Cinnamon Buns

Aren’t these the prettiest cinnamon buns? I’m assuming they taste great too. I think you could use the technique for making the hearts on your regular cinnamon roll recipe.

Recipe is at Little Sunny Kitchen.



This kitchen is drool-worthy, but it’s those shelves in the background that caught my eye.

This could have easily just been a plain wall, but they made it functional and pretty. I love unexpected details like this in a home.

(Photo by Reagan Taylor via Domino)


Here is another thing I did not know was possible. Color changing noodles. Science for the win, folks!

Directions and the scientific explanation at Left Brain Craft Brain.


I’m pretty much head-over-heels for this entire mudroom done by Studio McGee, but what I really love is the brick floor.

I don’t think I’d want it everywhere in my house, but I can see how the bricks would work (i.e. be indestructible) in this particular area. Plus, it’s just stinking cool!

Also, that black door! Hubba-hubba!

(image: Studio McGee)

That’s it from me, folks! We have family visiting us from Sweden and Handy Husband will be back from a work trip, so this weekend should be full of fun! 
Happy Friday!
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Happy List: #38

It’s Friday and my week has had more drama than usual, so I feel ready to EXHALE and regroup.

On Monday I shared my happy little golf ball pumpkins. The hardest part about this craft is waiting for the paint to dry.

On Wednesday I shared the books my kids read over the summer. One of our favorite books involved a Flying Diaper. What’s not to love about that?

Here’s a big dose of the random things this week that made me smile, nod or say, “That’s such a great idea!”


Here’s an AMAZING free printable for you all. It was designed by Ashley from The Handmade Home.

Enjoy the little things – it’s a great reminder, isn’t it?

This graphic prints out in a size up to 30×36. If you framed it for someone, it would be an awesome gift!


As a new school year starts, so does an entire new round of volunteering.

This is a sign that should be in a lot more places.

Be kind to the volunteers out there serving in our communities, schools and other organizations.


This pantry by David Heide Design Studio was carved out of the narrow and shallow place between the wall studs.

if you have a spot to create this in your home, it would be a storage game changer. A space like this could serve as shoe storage near a front door too.


Doesn’t this breakfast look heavenly?

And that’s lemon whipped cream on top of the lemon poppy seed waffles. YUM!

Get the recipe at Two Peas and Their Pod.


I am a big, mushy sucker for a craft with my children’s handprints.

I would have saved this shirt forever if one of my kid’s had made it in school. If you turned it into a pillow, you could bust it out at Halloween for years to come!

Tutorial for this DIY shirt can be found at The 36th Avenue.


Recycling bins are necessary, but they can be space hogs.

I never thought to make a simple wall holder like this one! Clever!

This is also a good example of how a project doesn’t necessarily have to be “pretty” to really improve how your space functions.

More info on this idea here.


Angie from Knick of Time has been making book page bows, which are super cute. I don’t know where I’d use them, but I like them all the same!

She has a great tutorial on how to make your own.


I love a dramatic ceiling.

I also find it interesting that the kitchen island in this photo doesn’t have seating.

This space is featured in the design portfolio of 2to5 Design.


It’s hard to tell in this picture, but this is not real rock candy!

The tutorial for this magnet craft is at Handmade Charlotte. My daughter would think this was a cool idea.

Thank you for sharing part of your Friday with me. I know there are much bigger things going on in the world, so I’m happy you found your way here today.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have time to create something that brings you joy.

Happy List: #37

How is it September already? Except for the last week before school started, out summer FLEW by.

This week I shared how I repurposed denim belt loops into hanging loops for my kitchen towels.  This project was life changing, I tell ya!

On Wednesday I shared a story about how accidentally renting a dorm room instead of hotel room got my kids excited for college life. Also (potentially) life changing.

Here are a few of the random things that made me smile this week.


Tis the season for pumpkin everything!

While I’m indifferent to pumpkin (don’t hold it against me), I’m a fan of Michael from Inspired by Charm. This is a recipe that I’d like to try. Right now.


I’ve been teased. My kids have been teased. It sucks. And it’s wrong.

I love how Pink shared a story during her VMA acceptance speech that moms everywhere can relate to – how she responded when her child said, “I’m ugly.”


I think I could make this home suit my needs. You know, if you really twisted my arm.

It was designed by Polhemus Savery Dasilva Architects. Gorgeous exterior!

(image by Eric Striffler via)


I recently stumbled upon the Philosophize This! podcast and I’m loving it! It has been a long time since I took a philosophy class in college and I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve learned.

In trying to understand the world around me, I’m finding it helpful to visit the past. This podcast is presented in a way that’s not too heavy and definitely not dry, so I’m able to take in the information more easily than I did in college. And there’s no quiz at the end!

The podcast is conducted by Stephen West, a philosophy professor from Seattle, who writes…“I think the world could be a better place with more education and acceptance. So I do my best to promote these values through podcasting and writing. Philosphize This! is my free podcast dedicated to sharing the ideas that shaped our world! Beginner-friendly if listened to in order! For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don’t need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained.” – Stephen West


Wouldn’t it be cool to have something arty like this above a set of doors in your home?

I don’t even know where you’d get something like that – or how you’d have it made, but it is incredible.



Lindsey, from The Pleated Poppy, shared her school’s motto for this year – Dare Greatly.

It’s a hard thing to know, intellectually, that in life’s pursuits there is failure and another thing to emotionally embrace that inevitability. At least, it is for me…

This poster print of Theodore Roosevelt’s words are made by RedPostBox on Etsy. Read it all – it’s a good one.


If you can’t have fun with the floor in a restaurant, when can you?

I’m assuming the food is equally amazing.

This is from Bar Melusine in Seattle, WA.



Did you know I won’t see nary a pumpkin until ALMOST Halloween? True.

The Irish have not jumped on the pumpkin decorating bandwagon.

Love these ideas from Country Living.



Beams. Rustic floors. Navy cabinets. Drooling.

This image is from a home decorated by Australian Interior Designer Timothy Godbold.


School started this week.

Someone was sad to see the kids gone all day.

I was sad too. Promise.

We continued our first day of school GIANT cookie tradition. I love that this is something my kids look forward to regardless of their age.

This year I used this chewy sugar cookie recipe from Add A Pinch and it was my favorite sugar cookie recipe yet.

If you’re looking for a way to donate to the Hurricane Harvey victims, here’s an article from the NY Times on legit places to donate and how to avoid scams. We are reading the news from afar – yes, natural disasters in the U.S. make the news in Ireland and the U.K.  – and are horrified by the devastation.

Count your blessings today and please have a safe and happy weekend.



Happy List: #36

Hello! I loved seeing all your pictures on social media regarding the eclipse. We watched a live TV feed of the eclipse from Oregon while we ate dinner. Wish we could have seen it in person, but happy it prompted some interesting dinner conversation.

This week I shared some of what we bought while in the United States. Expat life is interesting – especially as it affects our retail habits. I also shared a super easy way to corral the millions of hair bands you might have in your bathroom drawers.

Here’s what else caught my interest this week.


I haven’t collected any driftwood, but now I have a good reason to do so!

Jen from CityFarmhouse shows you how to turn these finds into pieces of art!



If you and your BFF go together like avocado and toast, here’s the bracelet for the two of you!

I am unashamed to say I do not get the avocado hype. I leave all the avocados for the rest of you to enjoy. You’re welcome.


Here are some cute and FREE lunchbox printables from Alice & Lois.

I need one that says “Don’t even think about leaving a HALF EATEN YOGURT in your lunchbox. Love, Mom.”

I also need one that says, “I WILL KNOW if you don’t eat your fruit and veggies. Love, Mom.”

And yes, they’d be in all caps.


I have a doily collection that my mom crocheted. I don’t want to get rid of them, but figuring out how to make doilies modern again has eluded me.

This idea has potential though! It would be an interesting way to add texture to a pillow.

Sam from Raggedy Bits shows you how to make this pillow on her blog. She uses an actual sewing machine (unlike someone around these parts), so she’s the real deal!

I originally saw the Raggedy Bits tutorial featured here.


If my daughter was still into mermaids, I’d be all over this seashell tiara craft.

Get the easy how-to here.



If you’d like one of your family pictures turned into a custom painting, check out Gypsy Soul Interiors.

Orders are due by September 22. Prices range from $225 – $335.

I don’t have one of her creations, but I’ve seen lots of pictures and it would be a really awesome gift. Get more info here.



I pretty much like anything Marian of Miss Mustard Seed creates.

In her new studio space, I love how her collection of vintage paintbrushes becomes art.


It’s almost September, so we can ‘almost’ be thinking about fall decor, right?

I like throw pillow covers because I don’t have room to store a bunch of seasonal pillows!

These covers caught my eye on Amazon:

Fall Y’all Truck Pillow Cover 12 x 18  – $5.98 plus shipping

Pumpkin Spice Pillow Cover 18 x 18 – $8.99

These ones on Etsy were amazing:

In All Things Give Thanks Pillow Cover by JolieMarche – $37.50

Stenciled Wheat Pillow Cover by Inspireren – $!5.00

Okay, I’m going to stop virtual shopping now because once I go down this rabbit hole, I find so many good things!


If you’re hoarding cool yardsticks (and I can think of at least 3 people who are), this would be a fun project.

Turn them into a neat planter box!


Do you have any weekend plans? We are doing our first family fun run tomorrow – all 4 of us! It’s a 5k with 10 inflatable obstacles to conquer. If you want to check it out, it’s the Wild Air Run at Malahide Castle. I’ll try and post a picture on Instagram.

Wish us luck! And Happy Friday!!

Happy List: #35

Hello, everyone!

How the heck are you? Ready for Monday’s eclipse? Sadly, I’ll have to live that one vicariously through social media! We are not in the path for optimal viewing.

We do live in an optimal area for traveling though! This week was all about Ireland. I detailed what to do (or not do) in Galway. I also basically insisted that you put the Cliffs of Moher on your Travel Bucket List (TBL). You do have a TBL, don’t you? Mine is still pretty long – there are a lot of cool places in the world! I’m having trouble prioritizing where I’d like to travel next.

While I’m figuring that out, here are the items on this week’s list o’ happy.


While the mom in me wonders how this room actually lives, I can’t help but feel inspired by the ideas.

I like a chalkboard wall that isn’t black. I also prefer it when my kids don’t write on my chalkboard. Gosh – did I say that out loud?!?!?!

I like how they put the mountains and trees on top of the chalk wall towards the ceiling. Finding the perfect live-edge wood slab to use as a minimal desk would be neat too.

See more pictures at I SPY DIY.


I’m generally in favor of keeping a piano’s original finish, but there are times when a piano needs some cosmetic love.

This piano was refinished by keeping some of the original wood tones. It has a fresh, modern feel to it.

Also, those painted corbels! Wow!

More pictures and a tutorial at U Create.


Here’s a big dose of RANDOM for you.

Apparently, Blockbuster closed in 2014, but forgot to tell one store. It’s actually independently owned and still operating.

Turns out, they are having fun with their social media presence and now have 245,000 followers on Twitter. Yes, you read that right. I don’t know if that actually helps their business model, but whatever.

They also did an interview with The Daily Dot that made me laugh.

And yes, I’m going to give you an excerpt because I’m a giver! Then you have to read the whole interview for yourselves. I wasted 5 minutes doing this, so I need someone else to do so as well.

“What’s your name, and what do you do at the store?”
This account is actually run by a few of us at the store. We’re a small operation, so we take turns running social media, working the registers, and cleaning out the return drop box. A lot of people seem to think it’s a trash receptacle even though we taped up a sign that says it’s for movies and games only.

“Do you find more people come in for VHS tapes or DVDs?”
It’s pretty much a 50/50 split on that one. If we’re being honest, though, most people come in to use our bathroom or hang out with Chad, a senior on the football team who works Tuesdays and Thursday nights.


Serena made this floral table runner for her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary out of a combination of greenery and flowers from her yard and store-bought roses.

What a beautiful setting for a celebration, don’t you think?

The how-to is on her site, The Farm Chicks.


If you ever want to feel inspired – just check out all the work Sawdust Girl has been doing on her house. She can build anything!

Get the step-by-step on this curved desk here.


I can’t imagine holding onto this frame for 18 years, but I think it would be cute in a classroom for a class photo project.

Also, if they could adjust that brown crayon next to the “D” just a little to the left, I would feel SO MUCH BETTER. You see it now, don’t you? You’re welcome.

Image and more info on the how-to at HGTV.


I’m going to try this recipe from Pinch of Yum for Back Pocket Stir Fry because it looks delicious.

Does there need to be any other reason? Nope. Definitely not.



I never really thought about WHY bees buzz. I guess I assumed it was because of how fast their wings were beating. Turns out, they buzz even when they aren’t flying and the reason is incredibly important.

Find out why here.


I could really, really, really use this shoe storage peel and stick thing! Has anyone else tried this Stick On Plastic Shoe Stand made by Sunward? They are on Amazon for 4 bucks.

It seems like it might make a good hairdryer holder too.

Also, I need those red polka dot shoes.

If these shoe holders stayed stuck, but removed without damaging the wall (it says they do), it would be awesome for renters.


This idea for customizing a plain wooden chair is pretty cool. In this case, it’s less about the technique and more about the paper print you select.

Also, I need a wall of haphazardly hung hats that I will never wear.

I have a lot of “needs” today, apparently.

Chair directions and more pictures can be found here.

If you need me, I’ll just be over here googling red polka dot shoes. Happy Fri-YAY!



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Happy List: #34

How is everyone?

I know people who have spent this week either enduring extreme heat or extreme storms. August isn’t messing around!

While over here in Ireland, I’m just wishing our weather would make up its mind!

This week I shared what our first week back in Ireland looked like after a month-long visit to the U.S. I also shared another trash to treasure makeover.

There have been a few things on the internetosphere this week that have peaked my interest. Read on!


If I ever go missing, you can probably find me in one of these stinking cute cottages in Maine!

There’s 16 of them! I’m dying from the cuteness. Check out The Cottages at Cabot Cove. That doesn’t even sound real!


Atlanta-based, In God We Must turns coins into jewelry. And no, transforming currency in this way is not illegal.

The story of how this company started in 2014 is pretty neat.


The simplicity of this space gives me all the feels.

You need to see the other rooms in this house tour.

(image via Julie Blanner)


If I had any more patience, I might make soaps that look like these.

Detailed directions and more pretty pictures at A Beautiful Mess.


I can’t even handle how awesome this furniture transformation is!

Kristine at The Painted Hive is a miracle worker.

Plus, she shows you how to do the perforation technique that makes the show-stopping design on this dresser.

Read. Absorb. Become a furniture miracle worker too.


I like gin. I like cherries. This sounds like a winning combo to me.

Recipe and plenty of sage advice from Our Salty Kitchen.



Forgive me if it’s too soon for this. BUT! I love the idea of reversible decor.

I could legit say, “no, honey! I don’t have two signs taking up storage space!”

This sign was made by Mollie’s Custom Creations. As far as I can tell, you can contact her on her Facebook page.


Say what? Never would I ever think to flip a dresser on its side and turn it into a rockstar storage piece.

And you have to see the sliding rail of hooks. Brilliant!

All the how-to’s at Sawdust 2 Stitches.


I just like this photo. It made me smile!

It was taken by the professional photography duo of Jeremy Pawlowski and Lauren Simpson. They run a site called America Y’All and do work for some big brands. Be sure and visit their site for more inspiration!

We have family visiting and we’re doing a lot of exploring this weekend! Lots of pictures to come. Happy Friday, everyone!

Happy List: #33

Why, hello, again!

We are back in Ireland – all settled in and prepping for our first guests to come visit us! It’s very exciting.

This week I shared the soap dish I found in the creek. No, it did not come home with me because suitcase weight limits on airplanes are no joke. I also went on and on about why this bed frame was our best hidden storage purchase. Oh, and it holds our mattress up too.

Here is what’s on my Happy List this week.


Other than the fact that I have NO IDEA how I would get up into that bed, I love this loft bed made by Simply Designing. A bed like this might actually induce my son to stay IN his bed all night long.

You have to see the loft bed they made for their daughter too! These people have vision and skills!

I originally learned about Simply Designing’s cool bed here.


Yes, please. Preferably right now tonight.

Recipe and photo for this chicken recipe can be found at The Mediterranean Dish.


Guys. The creative vision some people have just blows me away.

Lora from Lora B. took a drawer from an old sewing machine table and made it into a tote. I never, ever would have thought to reuse a sewing machine drawer like this. Or to reuse it at all.

I could definitely see something like this in a classroom to hold supplies.

I saw this project here first.


Framebridge has partnered with Penguin Print House to offer prints of some of their children’s books. Pretty cool, right?

The framed prints aren’t inexpensive, but considering the size of the print and the professional framing, it’s probably fair. It would make a nice gift for a mom-to-be.

The below print is from the book Dragons Love Tacos.


Suddenly my belly life seems so empty without having tried this recipe for maple chili bacon.

Recipe and picture can be found at Alice and Lois.


I don’t care so much about the wine, but I’d love to see Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards in Virginia in person.

Look at their barn building!

All the heart eyes, people.


I discovered a new podcast this week called Constitutional. Contrary to the flashy artwork, I found the show done by Lillian Cunningham to be very mellow and she has a great storytelling style. This is helpful when the topic is history.

The first (and only episode so far) was about the summer of 1787 when the delegates gathered in Philadelphia to draft the U.S. Constitution. She tells the stories about the delegate who had epilepsy and how the Bill of Rights wasn’t originally included – and why. She had guests from the National Archives and even a man who makes parchment today from animal skins.

I’m excited to see where this podcast is headed and what else I can learn.


Now I need to go back to Copenhagen!

Artist Thomas Dambo has created and placed six friendly giants made of recycled wood around Copenhagen.

How cool would it be to go on a scavenger hunt with your kids to find these? Read about it at Lonely Planet.


I’m feeling really inspired by food all the time this week! Sheesh.

But, come on! These cookies look even better than the real deal to me.

Recipe and image from Two Peas and Their Pod.

That’s it! Be sure and check out my Instagram page to see what we’ve been up to since returning to Ireland.

Happy Friday!



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Happy List: #32


July is flying by, isn’t it?

This week I shared a funny farmer tale and my thoughts on why you should try to give your loved ones a gift that is handmade. I’m not advocating that ALL your gifts should be handmade. That would be nuts. But, at least once, try the handmade route.

Here’s what making my Happy List this week.


The wood siding on this house is not wood, it’s METAL. Can you imagine the possibilities? The maintenance savings?

Also, that front door. WOW.

Mandi from Vintage Revivals shared this siding tip. It’s made by a company called Longboard.


I’m just going to throw this out there…I think I’d prefer this birthday cake martini over actual birthday cake.

And the best part is I wouldn’t have to share with my kids!

Drink details are at Inspired by Charm.


Folks. This DIY night light is SUPER EASY to make.

All it really involves is glue, so it’s something you could do with your older kids too.

And can you imagine it with a different colored agate? One with blues or greens? Gorgeous!

Image and directions can be found at Squirrelly Minds.


Sooo. Do you know someone on a beach vacation this summer who is bound to bring home a gazillion seashells?

This idea might be right up their alley.

Here’s one tutorial from Sand and Sisal.

And here’s another tutorial from Billabong.


I’d like to try this recipe from Wonky Wonderful because, hello? Dill pickles!!

I sampled some chipotle dill pickles recently and those would taste really good in a dip.

Also, Wonky Wonderful is a blog name that makes me smile!


File this under: I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A THING.

Turn fabric scraps into twine? What? How long does this take?

But, in all seriousness, I’d love to have some! It’s so pretty and happy-looking on those spools!

Directions and more pictures via Makezine.


I love this idea for how to make your fire pit more useable when you don’t have a fire lit.

Also, these dice would be super easy to make with 4×4 posts.

I think I’d like them for indoor decor too!

(above images via)

That’s it! Get outside and have the happiest of weekends, folks!

Happy List #31

Hello, hello! Are you ready for the weekend? My days have felt like one big weekend while we’ve been visiting family and it’s been GREAT! Reality will come knocking soon enough. It always does!

This was unofficial Raspberry Week on the blog. Be sure and read about our raspberry pie and margaritas.

Next week is unofficial “I’m Not Sure What I’m Writing About Yet” Week. Summer fun and traveling do not help me in the planning-ahead department. The same can be said for autumn fun, winter fun, spring fun…

But I still make time for my Happy List!


I’ve paid attention to butcher block counters and how to seal them from a food-safety perspective, but I’ve never really thought about wood stain and food safety when it comes to other DIY projects.

This crate from iHeart Organizing is cool, but it’s not what caught my eye – the food-safe wood stain did. I like to know what other people use and like.

Jen used Tried and True Wood Stain that she found on Amazon. She also used Howard Butcher Block Conditioner to finish off the project. I haven’t used these products, so I can’t vouch for them, but Jen is pretty thorough when it comes to these things it seems. If you ever attempt a project like hers where fruits and vegetables are in contact with wood stain, it’s something to consider. And let me know how the project turns out!


I can say with 100% certainty that I have NEVER thought about pickling strawberries. Have you?

It seems easy. I can see the potential…I think.

Serena from The Farm Chicks has the recipe how-to.


I like how Layla customized a basic mirror that any builder might install with a simple frame.


I read People Magazine to bring you this tip. Do with that knowledge what you may.

According to People Magazine, Keds makes the best no-show socks that really, truly do not slip. And People Magazine wouldn’t steer us wrong, would they???

I cannot vouch for this particular brand, but I loved Keds tennis shoes way-back-when! These socks are on my list to try. I’ve thrown away SO MANY no-show socks because they don’t stay up around the heel area.


Am I the last one on earth to learn about can play / can’t play door hangers?

If you live in a busy neighborhood, it’s awesome for your kids to have so many children to play with. However, it can also be awkward when your kids don’t feel like playing, or it is nap time, or lunch time, or you have to go somewhere, etc.

This door hanger would solve SO many problems. Here’s a free printable for this one from Thirty Handmade Days.


I’ve been doing a little shopping while in the U.S.of A. and saw this mug at TJMAXX.

It made me think of something my dad, the biggest introvert I know, might say. In actuality he just says, “I’d love to stay and chat, but I have work to do.”

Or he just gets up and says “Well, we have to go now.” Then the Junk Whisperer says, “Wait! I’m not done talking yet!”

If you can relate, this mug might still be at TJMAXX! I also found a not-as-cute and definitely more expensive version of this mug on Amazon.


Creating each U.S. state out of food is pretty much the GREATEST thing ever.

The Foodnited States was a kid’s idea and it turned into an Instagram hit. If Instagram isn’t your jam, you can see the full list of states reimagined here.

Some of the state designs are available as t-shirts or stickers, like this one from my home state of Oregon!


If you know a senior citizen living in the U.S. that does not have the $10 Lifetime National Park Pass, have them get one right now.

The price goes up to $80 on August 28. 

The price is $10 if you buy it in person – here’s a link to the list of places where they are available.

If you buy the pass online, they charge a $10 processing fee, so the total cost is $20. Still a heck of a deal. Processing is taking a super long time according to their website though, so bear that in mind.


This is SUCH a good idea. If you want to build a large-scale planter box for your deck or patio, you might as well make it functional too.

More pictures and the step-by-step directions can be found at HomeDIT.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are! Go forth and have the happiest of weekends!



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