• paper tree ornaments with wood star toppers fold paper tree ornaments using a wood star bead as the tree topper
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    Paper Tree Ornaments With Wood Star Topper

    I love making Christmas ornaments and today I have a fun one for you – paper tree ornaments with a wood star topper. It is amazing what you can make from a humble piece of paper. Plus, it’s pretty satisfying to create one or fifty of these. Not that I got carried away or anything. The thing that really sets these ornaments over the top is the wood star topper. Every Christmas tree needs a topper and I found the perfect wood star beads for this task. What I really like about this craft is that it is completely customizable to your Christmas decor colors. You’ll notice from the pictures…

  • colonial farmhouse mantel with wheat and pumpkin decor thanksgiving 2023

    Grateful This Thanksgiving Week

    Hello! This Thanksgiving week, as I reflect on the world around me, I realize I have so much to be grateful for. At a very basic level, all of my needs are truly met. I’m warm, safe, fed, and surrounded by the people dearest to me. Not everyone can say that right now and it reminds me to not take my present state for granted. I’m also thankful to every one of you. Your most precious resource is your time and the fact that you spend 2 minutes of your day here does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’m hoping I didn’t just make you reconsider how you spend your…

  • stitch a day advent calendar from uncommon goods 2023 advent calendars for kids and adults

    2023 Advent Calendars For Kids and Adults

    I have the best 2023 advent calendars for kids and adults to share with you. After all, the holidays should have a little magic for all of us, don’t you think? We are definitely a chocolate advent calendar family, but sometimes I add in an advent calendar that is not food related too. Oh, and I did just buy an advent calendar for the cat. Yes, the cat. I’ve become that person now. Here are some 2023 advent calendars that would go over BIG in our family and maybe yours too. Elf™ Advent Calendar  | Williams Sonoma Any Elf fans out there? This Elf advent calendar has maple syrup, chocolate,…

  • is our house haunted black and white image of a colonial farmhouse dating back to the late 1700s

    Is Our House Haunted?

    Is our house haunted? I am asked that question fairly often. Why do they ask? Is our house throwing off creepy vibes? Well, I don’t think our house is particularly creepy, except for the basement. And the attic. And that spot..oh, never mind. I think people ask the question because the oldest part of our house dates to the late 1700s. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many people have died in this home in the last 250 or so years, which could lead to some hauntings if you’re open to that sort of thing. Am I open to it? Heck, yeah! Not in a scary, horror film sort…

  • diy halloween decals with duct tape make jack o'lantern faces with black duct tape to decorate your planters
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    DIY Halloween Decals With Duct Tape

    Oh yes, you can make your own Halloween decals with duct tape. Specifically, black duct tape. This is a super easy, smile-inducing craft that will make it look like you purchased some fancy vinyl decals online instead of using the roll of black duct tape that’s been jammed in the back of your junk drawer. Honestly, black duct tape has never looked better. The sky is the limit with this craft. I made jack o’lantern faces and bats. The jack o’lanterns were my favorite. However, you could make witch hats, cats, ghosts, or something I haven’t thought of. Let’s get started! Materials Needed To DIY Halloween Decals With Duct Tape:…

  • wood flag american flag on wood door

    Happy 4th of July 2023

    Hi! Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! The older I get, the more interested in history I have become. Learning seems to be a lot more enjoyable when you’re not being tested on it. Have you found this to be true as well? I feel very fortunate that so far in my life I’ve spent quite a bit of time perusing museums in the U.S. and Europe. I’ve visited many historical sites. I love history podcasts and, believe it or not, I read history books from time to time…for fun. 15-year-old me would be shocked! Perhaps like some of you, I grew up with a romanticized version in…

  • st patrick's day table decor irish flag centerpiece

    From The Archives: The Kindness Of The Irish

    It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! We had the privilege of living in Ireland for a couple of years, so St. Patrick’s Day is extra special to us now. The best part of Ireland is, BY FAR, the Irish people. Since many of you were not blog readers when we moved to Ireland for Handy Husband’s work, I thought I’d re-share from the blog archives the dramatic and funny story of how we moved to Ireland. Here you go… Our first week in Ireland has been a WHIRLWIND. Apparently, the motto in our house is “hit the ground running.” Just once I’d like to try dialing it back a notch to…

  • watercolor heart on the happy list

    14 Sweet Valentine’s Day Facts

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, there are some very interesting things of note regarding this day of love. Here are 14 sweet Valentine’s Day facts that you can share with your loved ones…or not. But I do hope you at least have a delicious piece of chocolate to enjoy while reading this! Valentine’s Day Facts #1: Americans spend A LOT on Valentine’s Day. The National Retail Federation expects consumers to spend $25.9 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. That’s up from the $23.9 billion spent in 2022. (source) Valentine’s Day Facts #2: A slim majority celebrates Valentine’s Day. 52% of Americans plan to celebrate…

  • DIY embroidered heart sweatshirt for valentine's day easy diy valentine's day shirt
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    DIY Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day

    Have you heard that saying about wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, that’s actually happening on both sleeves with this DIY Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt! Let me show you how I made it in case you’re feeling festive and want to make something similar! Materials Needed For A DIY Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt: sweatshirt (This is the one I chose.) red embroidery floss scissors needle fabric pen (if you want to trace your heart shape on the shirt) paper heart to trace around (unless you want to freehand your heart) My Skill Level Disclaimer: I know enough about beginner embroidery to get this project done but would never claim to be…

  • diy wood bead snowflake ornaments with natural wood beads and a wire form
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    Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments

    I’ve recently become very interested in what I can make out of natural wood beads for my home decor. My infatuation will probably last until I’ve used up all of the beads I purchased. Ha! So far, I’ve experimented with making a garland, napkin rings, and Christmas ornaments. Today, I’m going to show you how to make Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments. It’s the season, after all! Here’s how to make Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments. Step 1: Gather your materials. wood beads in varying sizes (I used this pack of 510 beads) wire snowflake forms (I used this pack of varied-sized forms) ribbon or string to hang your ornament The item that…