• carriage house interior makeover

    Carriage House Interior Makeover Madness

    Today we are getting to the good stuff – our Carriage House interior makeover madness! And madness it was. Phew! To recap if you’re coming in new (welcome!), our Carriage House is a separate building on our property that was originally built a couple of hundred years ago to house horse-drawn carriages and horse tack. When we bought this property, the upstairs had been converted into a living space and was a time capsule from the 1980s with a side dose of plumbing fixtures from the 1940s and 1950s. Sweet, right? Well…not so much sweet, but full of potential. Trust me, it’s there. You just have to squint and plug…

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    3 Mirror Makeovers to Try

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of these three mirror makeovers is the fairest of them all? That’s right! I have 3 mirror makeovers to fuel your creative juices today. All my hopes and dreams would be fulfilled if you take one of my ideas and make it your own! Here are 3 mirror makeovers to get your ideas flowing: MIRROR MAKEOVER #1: DIY ROPE MIRROR If you can use hot glue, you can make a rope mirror. All you need is a round mirror, rope, and hot glue. I’m using 3/8-inch sisal rope for this project and 100-feet of it should cost less than $12. That’s WAY more rope…

  • farmhouse black kitchen mini makeover
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    Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen Mini Makeover One Year Later

    Do you know what I enjoy more than a room makeover reveal? Learning how that makeover is holding up over time. Instead of the pretty spaces, give me all of the hard-working, well-loved spaces that shine. Last January we did a Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen Mini Makeover that mainly involved staining the cabinets and changing the backsplash grout color in our kitchen.  To get the full impact of this kitchen mini makeover I need to take you on a quick trip down memory lane.  The below photo is how the Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen looked when we purchased the place in June 2019. I know I say this every time I show a before picture, but that…

  • back staircase kitchen stairs after
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    Back Staircase Before and After

    Our Colonial Farmhouse has a front staircase and a back staircase. The front staircase has gorgeous trim work and is located in the center of our home. The stairs made an appearance in my music room post. Then there is the back staircase. Oh, the back staircase. These stairs are tucked away in a far corner of our home and are a shortcut from the kitchen up to the bedrooms. When we bought the Colonial Farmhouse the back staircase was steep, narrow and ugly. The stairs weren’t inherently ugly. It was more bad bridesmaid dress kind of ugly. However, I saw the potential in those stairs. If fact, it was…

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    Bookrack Makeover for an Older Boy’s Room

    Before I get rid of anything in our home, I do not ask myself if it sparks joy. No. I ask myself if I can repurpose, reuse or makeover the item to make it work better in our home. I also ask myself if I have the energy to repurpose, reuse or makeover the item. Sometimes the answer is “no.” Sometimes the answer is “maybe.” Sometimes the answer is “I really shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself!” Then I end up doing something drastic like cutting off belt loops on Handy Husband’s old, ripped-up jeans to make hanging loops for kitchen towels. Remember that project? Still using those towels, by…

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    Makeover: Dresser with Brass Details

    My love affair with my local Habitat ReStore is still going strong. In early August I found a small dresser with brass accents at the ReStore. When I spotted those brass accents it was like the heavens opened up and angels began singing. Honestly, I need to have this sort of reaction when I find a piece of used furniture in order to go through the herculean effort to get it home and refinish it. We all have our barometers. Mine is angels singing. Totally normal, right? As you can see, the dresser had a hutch on top that I still do not understand. It has the same brass edging…

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    Racing Trophy Display Door

    My husband became a runner when he was 36 years old. Turns out, he’s really good at it. (I try not to hold that against him.) If you are new to the world of running, let me enlighten you. Some runners become so enthralled with the sport that they start running races. It keeps you motivated in your training and many runners even enjoy *gasp* these races. Crazy, I know. For every race you enter, you will receive a running bib with your number on it and for every race you complete you will usually earn a medal. Before long, you’ve got medals hanging from doorknobs (classy) and you’re looking for your checkbook in the junk…