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You Know You’re a Farmer’s Kid When…

You know you’re a farmer’s kid when…

Your dad pulls out his wallet to pay for dinner… just a simple, well-worn wallet…

and bits of HAY (yes, hay that cows eat) fly out of his wallet and land all over the restaurant table. All. Over.

Then, without missing a beat, he says…

“It’s just a little seed money.”

Get it…hay seed?

What dad can resist telling a good dad joke?

Truly, I laughed. It was a pretty funny moment.

My dad spends pretty much the entire summer on a tractor making hay. And, yes, that hay seems to get everywhere. And, yes, I’m glossing over how hard this season is for a farmer.

So you can truly understand this hay-in-the-wallet situation, I decided to do a little recreation of the moment for you.

I picked up my dad’s wallet, shook it ONCE and this is how much hay fell out of his wallet and onto the counter.

There was NO WAY I was going to shake the wallet another time. I know there was an entire field more hay in there.

This was enough mess to clean up and I was trying to keep this little experiment on the down low. By the way, Dad, I did not take that $10!

Sometimes I think there are misperceptions about farmers.

Most people know they are hard-working and it can definitely be dirty work. Clearly, they’ve got to have a good sense of humor.

What you might not know is many farmers, like my dad, are smart, college-educated individuals who love what they do.

My parents encouraged me to pursue what interested me – to find what I loved to do. They never made me feel bad about leaving the farm, leaving the state and now, leaving the country to pursue life’s opportunities.

Really, I had the best of both worlds. The freedom and support to explore and follow my interests. Plus, the foundation of a stable home life and a strong work ethic learned from growing up on a farm.

It’s a big, beautiful world and they gave me roots, but let me fly.

I feel so fortunate that I can bring my kids back here to see where those roots were planted.

My kids don’t fully understand it, but they are soaking it all in. They are seeing hard work in action. They are observing how to be good stewards of the land. They are learning to respect Mother Nature. They are hearing your word is your bond. They are learning that even in the middle of hay season, Grandpa makes time for family.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to share all of this and more with them. Through it all, I hope my children see I’m happy and proud to be a farmer’s kid.

Be sure and thank a farmer the next time you see one. We couldn’t get by without them.

The Gift of Handmade

I recently said to Handy Husband, “Why did you have to go and make such cool beds for the kids? WHY??”

Despite the fact that it was MY idea (and I probably begged) for him to make the beds.

“It would be a lot simpler to move or change up the look of our house if I wasn’t sentimentally attached to these huge things!”


Just kidding about that last part.

I love him, but I don’t want him to get a big head.

I also have some other things I want him to make, so I kind of do need him to keep being awesome.

Then I’ll probably become sentimentally attached to those things and this cycle will repeat itself.

At least I’m aware of my problems.

The person who doesn’t have any problems is The Junk Whisperer. (Yes, I’m kissing up – do you think she’ll notice?) As I may have mentioned one or thirty-seven times, we have invaded her house been visiting The Junk Whisperer for a longer time than is polite this summer.

One morning, I was looking for something productive for my wild animals kids to do when I spied a checkerboard I hadn’t seen before. It looked crafty and homemade.

Turns out, The Junk Whisperer’s dad made it for her when she was a kid. Her mom stained the board and painted the checkerboard squares. Her parents weren’t particularly crafty or into DIY gifts, so this checkerboard really stands out as something unique.

Cue the collective, “AWWW!” I love stories like that one.

Her dad has since passed away and she told me she’d never get rid of that checkerboard because her dad made it. I wouldn’t either – it’s too special.

Here’s the point of me sharing these stories today – especially the irrational conversations I have with Handy Husband.

If you have the opportunity or desire to make something for a loved one, DO IT.

It doesn’t have to be big and extravagant (like a bed) and the kids probably won’t even appreciate it now. BUT! And I speak from experience, decades from now, long after you are gone, the gesture will bring a bit of happiness and a fond memory to your child’s face.

That, in and of itself, makes the effort worth it.

P.S. If you’d like to read more about the beds Handy Husband made, here are some links to past posts.

Pottery Barn Trundle Bed Knock Off

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Style Bed Knock Off

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Style Bed – ONE YEAR LATER 


Happy List #31

Hello, hello! Are you ready for the weekend? My days have felt like one big weekend while we’ve been visiting family and it’s been GREAT! Reality will come knocking soon enough. It always does!

This was unofficial Raspberry Week on the blog. Be sure and read about our raspberry pie and margaritas.

Next week is unofficial “I’m Not Sure What I’m Writing About Yet” Week. Summer fun and traveling do not help me in the planning-ahead department. The same can be said for autumn fun, winter fun, spring fun…

But I still make time for my Happy List!


I’ve paid attention to butcher block counters and how to seal them from a food-safety perspective, but I’ve never really thought about wood stain and food safety when it comes to other DIY projects.

This crate from iHeart Organizing is cool, but it’s not what caught my eye – the food-safe wood stain did. I like to know what other people use and like.

Jen used Tried and True Wood Stain that she found on Amazon. She also used Howard Butcher Block Conditioner to finish off the project. I haven’t used these products, so I can’t vouch for them, but Jen is pretty thorough when it comes to these things it seems. If you ever attempt a project like hers where fruits and vegetables are in contact with wood stain, it’s something to consider. And let me know how the project turns out!


I can say with 100% certainty that I have NEVER thought about pickling strawberries. Have you?

It seems easy. I can see the potential…I think.

Serena from The Farm Chicks has the recipe how-to.


I like how Layla customized a basic mirror that any builder might install with a simple frame.


I read People Magazine to bring you this tip. Do with that knowledge what you may.

According to People Magazine, Keds makes the best no-show socks that really, truly do not slip. And People Magazine wouldn’t steer us wrong, would they???

I cannot vouch for this particular brand, but I loved Keds tennis shoes way-back-when! These socks are on my list to try. I’ve thrown away SO MANY no-show socks because they don’t stay up around the heel area.


Am I the last one on earth to learn about can play / can’t play door hangers?

If you live in a busy neighborhood, it’s awesome for your kids to have so many children to play with. However, it can also be awkward when your kids don’t feel like playing, or it is nap time, or lunch time, or you have to go somewhere, etc.

This door hanger would solve SO many problems. Here’s a free printable for this one from Thirty Handmade Days.


I’ve been doing a little shopping while in the U.S.of A. and saw this mug at TJMAXX.

It made me think of something my dad, the biggest introvert I know, might say. In actuality he just says, “I’d love to stay and chat, but I have work to do.”

Or he just gets up and says “Well, we have to go now.” Then the Junk Whisperer says, “Wait! I’m not done talking yet!”

If you can relate, this mug might still be at TJMAXX! I also found a not-as-cute and definitely more expensive version of this mug on Amazon.


Creating each U.S. state out of food is pretty much the GREATEST thing ever.

The Foodnited States was a kid’s idea and it turned into an Instagram hit. If Instagram isn’t your jam, you can see the full list of states reimagined here.

Some of the state designs are available as t-shirts or stickers, like this one from my home state of Oregon!


If you know a senior citizen living in the U.S. that does not have the $10 Lifetime National Park Pass, have them get one right now.

The price goes up to $80 on August 28. 

The price is $10 if you buy it in person – here’s a link to the list of places where they are available.

If you buy the pass online, they charge a $10 processing fee, so the total cost is $20. Still a heck of a deal. Processing is taking a super long time according to their website though, so bear that in mind.


This is SUCH a good idea. If you want to build a large-scale planter box for your deck or patio, you might as well make it functional too.

More pictures and the step-by-step directions can be found at HomeDIT.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are! Go forth and have the happiest of weekends!



*some affiliate Amazon links used in this post

Fresh Raspberry Margarita

I just decided it is unofficial Raspberry Week on this blog. It might be next week too since my in-law’s said they have more berries! If you missed it, do read about how much we love Fresh Raspberry Pie. If you need a quick salad dressing, I make a Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette using raspberry jam that is divine!

Now, let’s get on with the show…

It turns out, there is a super simple way to annoy your family on a hot summer day.

Tell them you are making delicious raspberry margaritas.

Make the glorious, ice-cold margaritas.

Then let the family know they can’t drink the margaritas until you’ve take one billion photos so you can write about this crowd-pleasing drink.

I’ve never seen so many hovering people.

Handy Husband actually made these raspberry margaritas.

He’s the bartender in the family and he takes his job VERY seriously.

He’s charming AND he makes delicious adult beverages. I can now see why he’s the popular one.

Since he does take his bartending duties so seriously, Handy Husband was equal parts enamored and HORRIFIED when he asked The Junk Whisperer where she keeps her blender and she whipped out this beauty…

The Osterizer. Dual Range. Touch-a-matic.

It’s a classic!

After a quick glance around to make sure we hadn’t time-warped back several decades, he said, “does it work?”

That earned him THE LOOK from The Junk Whisperer. “Of course it works!”

I don’t know if the Osterizer can grind up golfballs and iPhones, but it purées raspberries like a dream.

Here’s the recipe:

Handy Husband’s Raspberry Margaritas
(we usually serve these on the rocks, with sugar on the rim)
2 parts tequila
1 part Patron Citronge (or any orange liqueur)
1 part fresh squeezed lime juice
1 part puréed/mashed raspberries
1 part simple syrup (recipe – it’s easy!)

Now, if you just want to make regular margaritas, here’s the recipe:

Handy Husband’s Classic Margarita
(we usually serve these on the rocks, with salt of the rim)
2 parts tequila
1 part Patron Citronge (or any orange liqueur)
2 parts fresh squeezed lime juice
1 part simple syrup (recipe – it’s easy!)

He uses “parts” as a measurement so the recipe can scale however large you want. So, parts can mean ounces or 1/4 cups or 1 cup, etc. It just depends on how many you want to make and how large your glasses are!

Please drink responsibly. Yes, that means you.

In case you were concerned, all annoyances about my impromptu photo shoot were forgotten after tasting one…or two of Handy Husband’s Raspberry Margaritas.

And he was perfectly happy to continue being the popular one.

Fresh Raspberry Peach Pie

My in-laws love to garden – especially when it comes to growing fruits and vegetables.

I LOVE that my in-laws love to grow fruits and vegetables.

You can see where this is going, right?


Straight into my belly.

Shameless fruit and veggie moocher over here.

This week’s haul was two huge bowls of sun-ripened raspberries! You’d think my in-laws were just being generous because they were happy to see us. We don’t get to visit very often anymore since we live a continent and an ocean way. However, a giving spirit comes naturally to them. It’s really a beautiful thing.

With great flourish, I took the berries to the Junk Whisperer’s house, where I’m staying during the summer holiday. I definitely did might have even said, “TADA!” when I got home.

We briefly considered making jam, but realized we could mooch some jam off of another family member. Shameless, I tell you.

The most logical thing to do, in that case, was to make a pie. A fresh berry pie.

If you haven’t had a fresh berry pie, you need to rectify that situation straight away.

The “fresh” part of the pie description means the berries are NOT cooked and this pie needs to be refrigerated.

A fresh berry pie is like tasting summer on your tongue.

And I don’t mean an Irish summer where it rains every other day. A proper, warm, sunny summer like I’m enjoying now in Oregon.

It’s THAT good. Especially with a generous amount dollop of whipped cream on top.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Seriously, woman! Where are the peaches? The title of this post is Fresh Raspberry PEACH pie, after all.

This is where I get to use my favorite movie line ever, the secret’s in the sauce!

Here’s the deal. The glaze for this fresh berry pie is flavored with dry jello mix.

We didn’t have any type of berry jello and the Junk Whisperer lives in the middle of nowhere, so a quick run to the store is not practical. However, she did have peach jello. When faced with the choice of no pie or improvise, clearly we improvised.

The great debate of the evening was whether or not we preferred the peach glaze over a raspberry glaze for this particular pie.

Some families debate politics. Ours debates pie. There are no losers when it comes to pie entitlements…except for the person who misses out on the last piece.

Whether or not you play it safe with a raspberry glaze on a raspberry pie or venture out with the peach one, fresh berry pie will make everyone happy!

P.S. When peach season comes around, actual fresh peaches combined with fresh raspberries would be SO, SO good.

To Make This Pie:

For the glaze and general pie instructions, I use this one from Southern Hospitality. I always add more berries though.

For the crust, you can use your favorite recipe (I use one from Betty Crocker) or you can buy pre-made pie crust at the grocery store. Just make sure you bake and cool the crust before adding the berries and glaze. I also try to let the glaze cool a bit before pouring it over the berries – again, you don’t want cooked berries. You CAN eat the pie right away then, but it is better to refrigerate the pie for awhile in order for the glaze to firm up.


Happy 4th of July

Do you know how I feel today?

I feel blessed.

This week I have the privilege of being back on U.S. soil to celebrate the 4th of July in my hometown with the people I love.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been “home” for the 4th of July and I’m excited to share this day with my friends and family, but especially my kids.

I picked out festive shirts for the kids to wear to the parade we will attend on the 4th. I used my stern mom voice to ask my son, “will you REALLY wear this shirt to the parade? Because I’m not buying it if you won’t wear it.”

And he said, “is the 4th of July like St. Patrick’s Day when you get to pinch someone if they aren’t wearing red, white and blue?”

You can imagine his extreme disappointment when I said sure, pinch away “no.”

I kind of like his idea though!

I’m heeding my own advice this week (shocking, I know!) to “always take the trip” because I’m acutely aware of how quickly my children are growing.

I do not take these moments with them for granted.

I’ll probably be back to regular blog posting next week. How about I keep you in the loop on that?

In the meantime, Happy 4th of July!

P.S. Last year I posted a free printable of the above eagle print I created. You can find it here.

Friday Funnies

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday Funnies post. Maybe we’re losing our funny over here?

Man, I hope not!

Slowly, but surely I’ve been accumulating some stories that tickled my funny bone. Enjoy!


My daughter and son were playing some sort of game. I don’t know what it was. I just know they weren’t fighting and they had created costumes. These costumes involved using eyeliner to draw whiskers on their faces.


My son’s character (I’m fairly certain he was a cat) suffered a tragic accident. He was lying down with his “paws” up in the air. It was all very dramatic.

My daughter yelled, “call the ambulance.” As the star of this show she had to play multiple roles, so she effortlessly transitioned into the paramedic. She leaned down to see if the “cat” was breathing.

Oh, the tension. The suspense.

After a rather dramatic pause she proclaimed loudly, “He’s not breathing!”

“I have to give him C-3PO!”


I don’t know what you wake up to in the morning, but when I rolled over and open my eyes this particular morning, I was greeted with a shopping list.

For cupcakes.

Copied down from the back of the cereal box by my 6-year-old.

Maybe I should rethink having him make his own breakfast so mommy can sleep in and have a leisurely Saturday morning?

However, he was incredibly earnest about trying to be helpful and I know it took a lot of effort for him to copy that list down so thoroughly.

I couldn’t say no to cupcakes.


For real, people.

Plus, I wake up to shopping lists for cupcakes by my 6-year-old.

(image from somewhere on Facebook)


I love a good compilation of funny photos.

Especially the ones that just scream, “you had ONE job!”

How could you mess it up?

In Barry’s defense, I do some dumb stuff before I’ve had my morning cup o’ joe too.

Now this…

This is just asking for trouble. 
See more funny photos from this article at Pleated Jeans.


Recently, my son (then 6 years old) and I were in a delicatessan waiting for our sandwich order.

He was investigating all the to-go items in the food cases when he turns to me and says…

“Look mom! CHILD wines!”

So, so close.


The things I see sometimes…

I was walking behind this old biker and found his leather vest quite entertaining. It made me wonder what prompted him to put THIS particular saying on his vest.

“I’m as confused as a baby at a topless bar.”

I’m not sure that’s something I’d want to admit.


Going to the bathroom in a foreign country can be interesting.

This is the first time I’ve used a toilet that had a tank above my head.

You know I wanted to pull that handle more than once, right?

On a separate occasion, I saw this interesting label on a toilet paper dispenser.

I’m immature, so I laughed.

And took a picture.


This was my 1st grader’s homework the other night.

Who knows what a lollipop person is?

I didn’t know! We had to do process of elimination.

Do you know?


In Ireland, the crossing guard is known as a lollipop person. I guess the stop sign they hold looks like a lollipop? That’s all I can surmise from that.


There are a few words in the English language that make me cringe every time I hear them.

MOIST is at the top of the list.

Anyone else loathe this word? Anyone else ever used it just to see if you’ve met a kindred spirit who also can’t stand the word?

When I saw this gag gift on Amazon, I had to share. At least, I hope it is a gag gift.




Do you know how disappointed I’m going to be if they don’t sell “naughty” biscuits at Christmas time in Ireland?

The nice biscuits tasted pretty good, by the way.


We regularly end up with one of the children sneaking their way into our bed. STILL. And I know you’re out there saying, just tell them to stay in their own bed or send them back to their own bed. But you’ve never met STEALTHY NINJAS like these children. I have no idea when they get in bed with us until I find myself clinging to the edge with no covers.

But this season will pass.

Here are more co-sleeping positions illustrated in a funny way!


At least, not where I’m from.

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter!

House Number Sign From Wooden Spool

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared a Junk Whisperer project.

I missed them! I missed The Junk Whisperer more though.

And yes, that is shameless flattery. I’ve invaded her home and I need all the brownie points I can get.

Me + Children = Lots of noise, mess and groceries.

Now, back to the point of this post: a good “why didn’t I think of that” project.

When The Junk Whisperer shares her projects with me I usually have nothing more clever to say than, “that is SUCH a good idea!” over and over and OVER. It’s mildly embarrassing.

This project started with an old wooden spool, similar to this one.


I have seen countless projects where folks turned these wooden spools into tables or bookshelves.

I have not seen anyone do what The Junk Whisperer did.

She started out by dismantling a wooden spool. The best projects always start with a little demolition.

If you take apart one of those wooden spools, you will likely find a cool circular piece hidden inside. That’s what the rest of the wood pieces that make up the spool are attached to.

Who knew?!?! Clearly, not me.

The Junk Whisperer turned that center bit of goodness into a one-of-a-kind house number sign.

Can you believe it? Such a good idea, right?!?

This could definitely be a renter-friendly project as well since the sign is removable.

In terms of how-to’s it is pretty simple.

After the demo (which I’m sure was a pain), the only thing she did to the wood was lightly sand it to knock off some of the roughness.

The remaining nail holes add incredible texture and interest to the wood boards.

After the front was lightly sanded, she screwed in her house numbers and attached the metal animal design.

She did experiment with embellishing the sign in other ways, but the animals were fitting since this is a farm house.

You’ll also need to add a hook, wire or something to the back to hang the sign on the house.

If you attempt this project and your street address has fewer numbers, it will look even better – that’s straight from The Junk Whisperer herself.

Who else wants to tear apart a wooden spool now to find one of these circles inside? I’m already thinking of all the OTHER things you could make out of it!

I’m so happy The Junk Whisperer shares these projects with me and, in turn, lets me share them with you.

P.S. To see more Junk Whisperer projects, click here.

Always Take The Trip

I read an article recently where the author shares the best parenting advice she ever received was to “always take the trip.”

Here’s an excerpt from Annie Reneau’s article:

“My friend Kelly has three stellar kids who are a bit older than my own three. I consider her and her husband to be model parents, so one day I asked her for her best piece of parenting advice. I thought she’d say something about love or discipline or consistency, so her answer took me by surprise.

Always take the trip,” she said. “When you question whether or not you should go on the vacation, just do it. Spend the money. Take the time. You only have a limited number of years together as a family before your kids get busy with lives of their own, and building memories and having new experiences together are things you’ll never regret.”

I took that advice to heart. And now, when I think back on my 16 years of parenting so far, the times we’ve traveled as a family stand out the most. It’s not just about “being on vacation,” but about the various positive ways travel affects us, both individually and as a family unit.”

Yess-ity, yes, yes, YES!

I never received this advice, but I have to agree with the thought process.

In large part, it’s why we decided to move to Ireland when given the opportunity.

For our family, travel means time for bonding and shared experiences. Travel means exposing all of us to cultures, experiences and ways of life that we might not otherwise see in our day-to-day routines. Travel means broadening our world view and gaining understanding of how interconnected our world is. With travel comes empathy, resilience, flexibility, confidence and fun.

I don’t always equate travel with vacation – especially with young kids in tow. But, I think we’re reaching that point. I hope. HA!

Let’s talk reality though.

Travel might seem impossible for some given life stage, finances, circumstances, etc. We’re all adults here with real responsibilities and sometimes that sucks.

I remember just starting out in life and not having two nickels to our name. Or not having paid vacation time.

I remember being a kid and hardly ever taking a trip because someone had to milk the cow(s) and feed ALL the livestock and how do you find a house sitter to do that? I’m sure finances played a role too, but let me assure you, farm life is not for those with wanderlust in their souls.

It seems to me the SPIRIT of ‘always take the trip’ does not mean you have to spend your life savings and a year traveling the world. A big chunk of people don’t have money saved for even a small emergency, let alone a trip.

Here are some alternatives to spending thousands of dollars that I think help achieve or start you down the path of achieving what the spirit of “always take the trip” means. Mainly these alternatives are through the lens of cultural experiences, as that’s what we are currently most interested in with our two kids.

  • Day trips to a place new to you – city, park, tourist attraction, etc.
  • Hike and picnic in a park or national forest.
  • Go to a festival or fair.
  • Visit a museum. Many museums off free or reduced rates on special days during the summer. Reciprocity membership agreements between museums can be a fantastic way to save money too.
  • Watch a travel show together to learn about different parts of the world.
  • Go to the library and check out books on different countries.
  • Practice charting routes on a map. Google Maps is great, but there’s something special about unfolding a paper map. How many different ways can you get to a dream destination? How long will it take? What can you see along the way?
  • Spend a night or weekend camping. Or sleep under the stars in your backyard.
  • If camping isn’t your thing, try house swapping for the weekend. Here are some tips on this practice by Rick Steves.

  • Start learning a new language. Listening to music in a foreign language can be a fun way to learn too.
  • Try cooking food from different regions of the world  – maybe corresponding with those books you checked out from the library.
  • Visit a church different from your own religion.
  • Host a foreign exchange student.
  • If you don’t normally take public transportation – try it! Try taking a bus or train and let your kids help figure out schedules and tickets.
  • Spend an afternoon volunteering as a family. Volunteer Match is a site that helps you find volunteer opportunities tailored for particular age groups: kids, teens, etc.
  • Start a family saving jar where you can put money aside for a trip.

Bottom line? Whether you are in staycation mode or vacation mode, you won’t regret the times you unplugged and spent time with your kids.

If you have more ideas to add to my list, please let me know! I’d be so happy to hear how you spend time with your kids in the spirit of “always take the trip.”

Happy List #30

Happy Friday!!

I feel like summer is already moving faster than I want it to!

This week I posted about the free souvenir we bring home from trips and how I preserve the memory. I also shared my trash to treasure 4th of July wreath.

Here’s what’s on my Happy List today.


Hello, wood details.

Hello, white brick backsplash.

Hello, shiplap.

Be sure and visit Sita Montgomery Interiors to see more pictures of this kitchen including the detail on the ends of the kitchen island.



Yes, this is a recipe from the UK. Hence the Yog-HURT. 

This frozen recipe looks like it would be delicious to serve on a hot summer night. Or now. I’m not picky.

As a side note, that serving spoon gives me all the heart eyes.

The recipe and this lovely picture can be found at Food and Travel Magazine.


I just spent a fun 20 minutes browsing the Lindsay Letters site.

One of my favorite hymns…

Perfect for the 4th of July.

I think this fits Handy Husband and me. If by ‘wild’ you mean renovating dilapidated houses or moving to a foreign country.

If we’re talking about the ACTUAL wild, no thank you. I need a bathroom. And electrical outlets. And my bed.

See more at Lindsay Letters. It looks like all of the canvas colors are customizable, as are the
frame choices. Knock yourself out!


We can’t get to Mars yet, but you can lick a lollipop that looks like Mars.

Sounds like a decent trade-off to me.

Find the planet and galaxy lollipops on Amazon.


Constance Hall, a blogger and mom, had some pretty insightful words on motherhood that  every overwhelmed mom feels at some point. I read about them here.

Here are some of the highlights…

“It’s not motherhood that’s the problem, it’s the relentlessness. Your children aren’t the problem, your lack of a village is.

“You see I read once that mothers suffer the most in the absence of a village. The worst part is that rather then questioning their community they are constantly questioning themselves.

“Don’t question yourself, this isn’t supposed to be this lonely, you are not the only one suffering, we all suffer due to our society’s set up. Grab your girlfriends, hold them close, make dinner together, wash each other’s dishes and love their babies like they are your own.”

“And my all time favourite memory of the first few weeks of motherhood was opening the door, leaky tit hanging out, flap of skin swooping under my top. And the sides of a maternity pad sticking out of my undies, to a friend, who took one look at my disgraceful state and we both pissed ourselves laughing.”

Girlfriends. Can’t live without them. I know I cherish the few I truly have.



Who knew??

A DIY pinball machine kit is a thing now. Or, almost a thing. They have a Kickstarter campaign going to start production this fall.

The pieces are made of wood, not cardboard, and it comes with a starter obstacle set.

If you have a teenage kid who needs a project, check it out on Design Milk. They have some really cool pictures of how they customized their obstacles, but the options are endless.


This, my friends, was a regular, off-the-shelf file cabinet sold in every office supply store ever.

The Painted Hive shows you how to easily transform it with a little sanding and spray paint to give it a more farmhouse-y look.

By the way, I’m pretty much crushing on everything over at The Painted Hive.


This recipe for grilled chicken kebabs with cucumber salad and tzatziki is on my ‘to-try soon’ list.

Doesn’t it look perfect for summer?

Find the recipe at I Will Not Eat Oysters. (Awesome blog name! HAHA!)


I’d like to think we are ambitious enough to build a treehouse/fort/hangout spot like this for our kids, but in truth, I’d probably build it for myself!

Love that floor! And the door!

For this photo and others, please visit The Handmade Home for all the inspiration.

Go forth and have the happiest of weekends, folks!


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